The total amount of dollars Americans sent abroad in 2011 for crude oil from all sources was $188.5 billion last year

Fuel Choice

Fuel Choice

ChallengeHundreds of billions of dollars are sent each year to the Middle East for oil. Dangerous dictators exploit oil as a strategic commodity and help fund movements of violent extremism that commit horrid acts of terror ending lives around the world. Meanwhile, the transportation fuels sector in the US is dominated by petroleum dependence. This leaves consumers with no choice.  Our leaders must act.

A transcendent global problem is energy security, and the lack of a competitive marketplace in the U.S. There is a dangerous dependency on oil in America, and it starts with education. Our science and math scores are slipping – not even appearing in the top percentile globally – inhibiting the U.S. from developing innovative solutions. Without marketplace innovation, or the competition at all, the U.S. economy suffers from dependence on foreign oil producers. This leaves the U.S. victim to other countries for an essential commodity.

These issues are interwoven, interdependent, and indispensible.

 Investment – Few realize that competition in transportation fuels could significantly reduce how much money is being sent to dangerous dictators. For only $15,000 and by leveraging our network of entrepreneurs and public policy experts, GNF developed a simple and direct summary of the issue. This is utilized and distributed by the Set America Free Coalition, the Institute for the Analysis for Global Security,, and numerous U.S. congressmen and senators. Here is a link to our video on Oil Independence.


Paradigm Shift: Open Fuel Standards Act legislation is in motion, gaining traction and appeal.    Republican Congressman John Shimkus and Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell are sponsors of the legislation, along with many other political leaders.   President Obama also issued an executive order that orders all federal agencies to move to all alternative fuel vehicles by the end of 2015.

Relevance: Advocates and legislators are now utilizing the oil independence video to educate consumers and political influencers.

Venture Growth: Energy experts Gal Luft and Anne Korin presented a breakthrough idea that Members of GN were passionate about and worked with experts to write a script.  Limited dollars and leveraging a network turned into focused strategy execution and delivery.

Sustainability: More exposure and education is all that is needed, and once enough of the market becomes aware, a new market segment will be created and flourish.

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